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Hairstyles and Haircuts

    Newest Hairstyle Trends

    Update your current hairstyle to the newest hairstyle trends. Check out the new hair color trends, the latest runway hairstyles, the hottest hairstyles with bangs and fringes and the new alternative hairstyles like punk, emo and scene hairstyles. Whether you are looking for simple hairstyles or more elaborate ones, get inspired by the season's newest hairstyle trends, like bob hairstyles, long layered hairstyles or new shapes and hair styling tips for short hair styles.

    • Bump hair styles are one of the most popular hairstyles around. You can wear the bump with a ponytail, a half up/half down hairstyle or to give a cool finish to short haircuts with longer layers on the top. Learn how to do bump hairstyles on short and long hair!
      • Celebrity Bump Hairstyles

      • How to Bump Hair

      • How to Style the Bump

      If ever there was a hairstyle to bring out your wilder side, it's the bump hair style.
      The key of bump hairstyles is to get the sides tight to contrast with the height created on the top.
      The sleek sides resemble the undercut, which has a cool punky edge to it.

      Shoulder length hairstyles are ideal to create bump hair styles. If your hairstyle is broken up with layers that hit chin-level, is even better as you will be able to manage the bump section more easily.
      Also the bump hair style will work best on day-old hair. The natural oils in your hair will give it a good grip, as freshly washed hair is too slippery.

      Celebrities also love the bump hair trend: Rihanna pairs the bump with her buzzed sides, Snooki bumps it like a Guidette, while Kim Kardashian, Shakira and Nicole Scherzinger are wearing the bump hair with a cool rockstar vibe.

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    • Your long hair style is more versatile than you think. With a few hair ideas and styling tricks you can make your hair look different every day! Get out of your boring hair styling routine and update your look with trendy ideas for ways to style long hairstyles!

      These days you have to be able to create several looks from just one haircut, depending on the occasion. There are many quick and easy style changes you can do with your hair at home and all you need are braid the fringe section (you can even pull out strands to create a boho look) and then pull it to one side and secure with a bobby pin.

    • For 2010 messy updos are a big trend and the best thing is that they couldn't be easier to style at home. Get inspiration from the Chanel and Lanvin 2010 spring looks with tips and tricks to style your version of the fashion updo.
      • Back View of the Lanvin Updo

      • Lanvin Bun Updo

      The look is not a 'bad hair' day look, but more a 'controlled' updo, with lots of texture and movement. In order to create your version of the messy updo follow these guidelines.
      All you need is your fingers, a comb, some hair styling products, snag-free hair elastics and a few bobby pins. Before you would jump into the 'messy' business, prepare your tresses for the 'do.

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    • Punk hairstyles have their genuine qualities, define a specific fashion as well as hairstyles. A colorful style that leaves endless options for styling your outfit or hair, mixing different effects from other cultures and subcultures as the greasers, skinheads as well as glam rock. Get new punk hairstyles inspiration and punk hair ideas!

      Punk Mohawk

      The Mohawk hairstyle is done in the following way, shave the both sides of your head, leaving a narrow or wider strip of longer hair running to the back of your head. This hairstyle became popular not only among punks, but also in mainstream culture.
      It gives you many styling options, you can make it pointing straight up and color it in endless shades. Vivid hair colors are signature traits of punks.

      However it is a high maintenance hairstyle, routine shaving is required in order to keep the actual style of your hair. Style your hair with the help of extra strong hold hair spray and a blow dryer, when drying move from root to tip.

      If you give yourself 15 minutes to style it everyday, it can look great for weeks. Play with the length and style it without getting bored of your Mohawk, short and spiky or long and pointy, it looks cool either ways.

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