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indie punk hair style 2011

    Indie Punk Hairstyles 2011
    Indie Punk Hairstyles 2011
    Indie Punk Hairstyles 2011
    Indie Punk Hairstyles 2011
    Indie Punk Hairstyles 2011Since its creation in the late 70s, punk rock has been notable not only for its loud, fast music but for its unique and outlandish fashion. Spikes, mohawks and vibrant colors differentiate punk styles from more traditional hair styles. Punk rock hair is not only extreme in looks but also simple in construction.


    One of the biggest signs of a punk hairstyle is spikes. Liberty spikes are the oldest of punk hair fashions. This hairstyle takes the hair and using glue, hair gel, eggs, or rubber cement, clumps hair into spikes and points them outwards. The spikes are typically arranged into a mohawk, which is a vertical line of hair going down the center from front to back. Another method is to twist hair into dreads and spike them up. This is more common in extreme punk styles.


    The mohawk is a punk mainstay that involves a straight line of hair down the center with a clean shave on the sides so that the only hair on the head is the strip that makes the hawk. The mohawk can be grown out, dyed black and teased, which is called a deathhawk. Deathhawks are common amongst goths and death rockers, but punks often sport them. Another style of mohawk, which is less common, features a single strip of hair only on the front of the head and not on the back.


    Punk rock hairstyles are noted for their vibrant colors. Reds, greens, blues and pinks are common colors. Contrary to belief, colors of hair do not signify any specific agenda or punk message. Colors are simply for show. While some may prefer to entirely dye all of their hair, many punks with hair dye only use the color to accent certain parts of their head or hair style.

    Other Styles

    It is common for many punk females to have bobbed hair, resembling the flappers of the 1920s. Many prefer to dye the hair a different color, but not unnatural such as blue or green. Also prominent is having longer bangs that hang down to one side and shorter looking hair on the other. Many punk females prefer blonde or black hair colors. Many punk hairstyles are designed to be unisex.

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indie punk hair style 2011

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