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Latest Trend : Japanese Hairstyles

    • Gone are the days of sleek straight hair or perfectly curled hair..

    • Today's hairstyle is a fine line between our natural hair and loose natural waves teased by the use of hair wax or gum or mud etc..

    • If you want to have curls.. make them loose.. make them SHINE.. make them smooth and long... and dye them brown.. while doing tan, tan yourself.. get a pair of ray ban sunglasses and be glam!

    No more straight hair... if you wanna have straight hair, just keep your bangs straight and curl the rest of it in tousled waves. Dye your hair a flat shade of brown. No highlights needed!
    Good hairstyle for ribbons and cute clips.
    If you have big eyes and a young and cute face, try this!

    Loose shiny and healthy basically can't get curls like this if you go to the saloon.. well you can, but they will lose their bounce and curls so fast you'll wonder why you pay so much for it in the first place.
    Because they are loose curls, they tend to go limp or straight faster than smaller and tighter curls.
    To get this hairstyle, you need frequent shine and healthy hair treatments at your salon. For the curls.. you will need to use an iron curler..Ceramic curler if you plan to do this everyday..You can also use self heated curlers..
    Dye your hair a flat shade of brown.
    Best accompanied with a healthy tan, brown eyebrows to match the hair and nude glossy lips! Coloured contact lenses are recommended!
    If you are sexy and have healthy long hair try this!

    Less glamorous compared to the above one due to the lack of hair colour.. Very hard to pull off, if you get this wrong with the wrong kind of make up, u'll fall into the "aunties" category.
    Only for the fair and confident!
    (if you are tanned.. do not try this.. curly black hair will add 10 years to your age!)
    If you have long black hair which you are proud of and would rather die than to dye your hair, you can try this..
    Curl the ends of your hair on your own or go to a salon.. Remember to put some serum in to keep the shine in the hair..
    Best accompanied with "Bigger pupil" contact lenses, fake eyelashes, pale cheeks and lovely pink lips!

    A very nice hairstyle for office girls!
    Layer your hair when you go to the salon and get an Ash Brown kinda hair colour.
    Loosely curl the very ends of your hair.
    Rub in some wax on to the crown of your head..Back comb them until they float prettily with volume on top of your head.
    Gather the first quarter of your hair, DO NOT press the voluminous top down!! twist it into a semi-french bun and clip!
    Apply some wax to your curls so that they stay intact through out your day!
    Best accompanied with light make up!
    You can try this if you have thin, fine and long hair.

    This is great if you do not have time to curl or straighten your hair..
    If you let it be.. it will be dry, dyed and it will look unhealthy.
    No time to put in some shine serum?
    Try this trick!
    Collect all your hair up to the crown of your head and secure them in a bun with a scrunchy!
    Best accompanied with a dash of black eyeliner to the eyes, rosy cheeks and fresh, glossy lips!

    Controlled messy curls for semi long hair!
    Great for girls who have shoulder length hair.. Always remember, dye your hair if you wanna curl them. Black curls is a no-no unless you know how to handle them expertly.

    1. First thing, spray your hair with hairspray or apply hair moose to your hair.. all of your head if you can.. comb thru them and repeat this 2 steps.

    2. When you hair is coated with moose/spray, curl the ends of your hair with a large barreled iron curler.. If you have a small one, you can use it.. just drag them before you release everytime you curl!

    3. Put some wax and pull some strands stray from the curls..

    4. Put some wax on the crown of your head.. backcomb them with your fingers/ wide toothed comb.

    Arrange your hair so that they look like this!..
    never tuck all your hair behind your ears!

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Latest Trend : Japanese Hairstyles

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